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This is one of the most genuinely terrifying indie horror games I've ever played. Incredibly immersive experience, and the audio really put heavy fear into my bones. Even just standing still is creepy as hell. This was an amazing experience, can't wait to see the finished product! 

Glad you found it spooky. Thanks so much for playing!

I liked this game! Few things I would change to make it a bit more flowable. I would change the ending background to black then fade to white as the monster is purified. Starting stark white breaks the immersion for me. I would also find a way to let the player know you can climb. It took me a while to realize that you can climb the dresser. Just a few small minor details. Overall, art direction and atmosphere is great! Love to see what the finished game looks like in the future!

Thanks for your feedback! We'll change the transition to the white scene so it will be more smooth and we won't blind anyone xD. Good suggestions.

Very good But that ending made me lose all fear I had for the creature. I guess you could say it broke the immersion

Sorry to hear that. We wanted to create a peaceful ending to represent that you had purified the yokai more than a scary ending. 

It certainly felt like that but also note now that I think about it. It might have been the low quality of the flower scene 

We'll keep working to improve the overall quality of the game. Thank you for your feedback :)


You're welcome but don't be discouraged you 3 people have made something really good This is something you should really scale up and sell on all platforms. Don't be afraid to go to consoles people will buy this if it has interesting gameplay which it does

I loved this.. can't wait for a full version! 👍🏻👍🏻


Great video! Thanks for playing Ikai

I had so much fun (AND FEAR) playing this 😭😭🧡😂😂 the demon's design is freaking amazing, she reminds me of a nightmare woman lmao 👵🏽😭. I love the use of the ink and drawing, especially in a horror game which is so cool!! Love the story too behind the Priestess's life. The stealth part is so cool and the game looks visually amazing. I definitely can't wait to play the full game now!!!!! 🙀🙀  I'm DEFO gonna sign up to the newsletter!! 

Love to see your enthusiasm! Reactions like so make it worth to keep up the work :D (don't know how to put emojis, sry)


AWW no worries about the emojis 🤗🤗🎸🎸 yaaaaas!!! Absolutely can't wait for the full game!! :D 😱💙You all are doing amazing! thank you again for the spooky demon filled experience!!!

This game was super fun! I love Japanese horror!

Glad to hear you had fun!

really enjoyed this the theme is amazing super well done can’t wait for the full game. Please check out my play through below 

Thank you for playing Ikai! Also great video :D


thank you! ☺️

Hello to all my german friends :D Ich habe mir für Euch mal das Spiel Ikai angeguckt und muss sagen, dass die Atmosphäre extrem ist :D wer Lust hat kann sich das Walkthrough gerne ansehen :D Liebe Grüße! 


Vielen Dank!

What an extremely well put together horror experience! It truly stunned me how beautiful the art style was as well as the atmosphere with the sounds. I'm truly excited to see more and I would be honored if you would check out my video on it below!

Thank you so much for taking the time to record this video. You did it despite all of your computer problems, we are so honored :D

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Great DEMO


Thanks for playing :D

I am a fairly big fan of Feudal Japanese settings, so this immediately caught my attention, especially with the idea of playing as a temple priestess.

In theory, this demo doesn't do much different than many other horror games. You walk, spooky things happen, you trigger events and you find items. And yet, with the setting, just the right sounds and sights at just the right time and an overall oppressive atmospere, I was immediately on edge from the start. As you'll see, even when I absolutely call a certain scare before it happens, it STILL manages to get incredibly uncomfortable, and it has been a while since I have gone so out of my way to not make noise during a monster encounter.

Whatever magic you worked to create that atmosphere, PLEASE do keep doing it. I signed up for the newsletter and I am VERY excited to see how you might interpret other Yokai from Japans rich folklore. This one is a keeper - I'll be there on release.

A BIG THANK YOU for subscribing! These kind comments helps us stay motivated and continue working hard on Ikai. We'll do our best so the final game likes you as much as the demo. Thank you for playing!

This game was a whole lot of fun! I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the entire time! The ambient sounds added to this game so much and made sure to keep the game consistently creepy! I can’t wait for the full release! Come check out my experience here:)?

You didn't lose any time. That's not fair :(


haha what can I say! I have some experience with running and fearing for my life XD

The game is AAA quality. The atmosphere is great. Nice DEMO. Waiting for the full release.

We are very flattered, thank you for your kind comment.

Every step i took in this game was terrifying! The atmosphere and quality was spot on and I really enjoyed the experience! :) I cannot wait until the full release! 

Thank you! We're happy we could accomplish a terrifying experience. 

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Really enjoyed the atmosphere and sound design. The hands were a nice touch. It felt rewarding to complete the seal and help the yokai. Really looking forward to play the full game when it comes out.

Thank you for the demo!

Thanks for the feedback! Expect more yokais and more seals to be done for the full game.

Gave it a playthrough, really good quality/polish!

Thanks! Hope you like it!

WE called this. It's on us to solve the mystery behind the crying beast.

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This game looks really good so far!  I enjoyed trying it out! 

Thank you! Glad you like it :D

Linux user here. Would the devs consider a Linux build for this game? It looks rather good!

Sorry we don't support Linux yet :(

We will consider Linux if there is enough people asking for it. 


Thanks for the reply. Consider this your first request!

SCARY Japanese Kijo HORROR! | Ikai [異界] 

I'm a HUGE Japanese horror fan so when i seen Ikai i had to check it out and WOW! I LOVED IT! Can't wait to see more from Endflame! 💚


You though we didn't think about what happens when you get closer to Kijo huh, gotcha!

Nice video and thank you so much for playing!

No problem! It's honestly great, Keep it up!

Ok so i played it, got stuck at drawing and just rage quit as i didn't know what to do, liked it tho !

Hahahaha, we'll give you a tip if you decide to continue: the library is not safe to draw, search for another room and quit drawing if you start hearing someone coming (make sure no one is around).

While playing this game, you can tell that a lot of time and care was put into the work. Incredibly detailed in both atmosphere and story.  Great job devs! 

Glad you notice our effort into narrative, although we only explain a little bit in the demo the full game will tell the whole story of Naoko.

Will there be updates in demo version?

and is it possible to release the full game earlier? I can't wait till 2021!!

Yes, there will be updates with some fixes and minor improvements.

We wish we could finish the game earlier, but unfortunately there's a lot of work to do and we are a small team so... you'll have to wait :P

I haven't played this horror game

Then wait are you waiting for? Go ahead and play it, we want to hear your feedback :D

This game was a lot of fun... nothing to complain about. We are expecting there to be some  more monsters/ghosts in the full version.  If anyone is interested you may check out the playthrough below.

Great video! It was very fun to watch. There will be more yokais in the full game, be ready!


I'm Japanese. The atmosphere of Japan is well expressed, and I was impressed when I studied about Japan properly.
I heard something like opening and closing the door. Is she wandering around? I didn't understand that.
Making bills by myself makes me nervous and fun.
I can't wait for the final version.
It's a shame that I have to reduce the image quality on my PC, but it's still a very beautiful graphic.
Thank you for making a great game!

Thank you! We wanted to represent your culture the best we could. Also, the Japanese translations are made by ourselves, sorry if there are any mistakes. If you find something that is not translated correctly please let us know and we will change it. For the full game we will hire professional localization. 

The Japanese translation is a little strange in places, but it is understandable enough. It's probably in a similar state to my English.
In the demo version, it may be fine as is. I'm glad it supports the Japanese language.

Thanks for the understanding.

Very good game really scaryyy!! 100/100

Hahahaha, thanks for the rating! We are very happy that you liked it :D

This game was honestly amazing! The attention to detail and the various collectibles hidden around the area make exploration great. I was genuinely terrified when I saw Kijo and did whatever I could to not make noise around her. The graphics are pretty nice as well, and I truly CANNOT wait for the full version to be released. 


Thanks for the sip, but that was a little bit akward to be honest. Great video btw!


Appreciate the watch, can't wait to see the full game!  Maybe the sip will be less awkward next time😳 

This game has got loads of potential for the future.

Thank you! We'll keep working to improve the game (and finish it)

Thanks for the demo! I'm curious to see Japanese culture in games. I played it in Japanese but I added English subtitles as much as I could. My feedback for the demo is included in the last few minutes, so please check it out if you are interested. 

So nice of you to put English subs as we could understand it. Thank you very much!  We really appreciate your feedback and will take it into account. Would you mind telling us if you think we, as developers, could do something in the game to improve your experience with the motion sickness issue you've mentioned? We would love to make the game as much accessible as possible!

Thanks for your video and feedback. Much appreciated :D

Hi Endflame,
It's my pleasure to help indie game developers! I am usually better at handling my motion sickness issue by lowing the sensitivity. So, I actually lowered the sensitivity a lot this time. It was really nice of you to give players the option. I am usually okay when I play in  the third person view. I know this is probably too much to ask but it would be nice if players can switch views, first person or third person. I was also curious to see how the girl looked like so it might be interesting to show the character in the third person view. Again, it's just my opinion and many players might just enjoy first person view more when it comes to horror. By the way, I'm glad to see horror games like this. So many horror games include shooting and fighing these days so I'm happy to see Ikai type of stealth and folklore based cultural  horror. Hopefully, Ikai will be released in the next year. :)

Hello msBean,
Thank you for your suggestions, but we cannot implement third person view neither show the character body. That would require doing more animations and more work and as we are only 3 we don't think we can handle it. 

However, in future updates we will let you decrease the sensitivity even more and will add an option to turn off motion blur.  Let's see if you can have a better experience with this.

Thanks for the feedback and for your support :D

Wow never have the sounds alone instilled such fear! Looking forward to the full game!

Thank you for the gameplay! We've just watched it and LOVED your reactions. Looking forward to your gameplay video when we launch the full game too!


i honestly havent been that scared in a while lol I cant wait for more!!

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Thanks for playing! Nice nickname for Kijo aka The crying beast xD

im enjoying this. The sound is very good.


Reaaaally enjoyed your video. Had a good laugh with it. We can't wait to see you play the full game :D

Deleted post

Thank you for playing! Very nice video, good luck with your channel.

Nice game , ambiance is really nice !! Great Demo ! 

Thanks! Happy to hear that :D

Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you so much for playing Ikai! We are happy you liked it. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know.

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Thank you :)

wow just wow!

What a game! I really enjoyed it.  graphics are amazing and the atmosphere is so good :)  

Can't wait for the full game!

here's the gameplay ;)

You'll have to wait a bit more for the full game.

Thank you for the gameplay video, we really learn a lot by watching it!

amazing demo it was really scary when i started writing. the noises made me think something will open the door and jump on me. I like how the interaction is well done especially the sliding doors. 

Thank you! We made special attention to the interaction to be as much natural as possible, glad you like it.

Great demo! I like where this is heading, a few things i noticed that stood out to me where some sounds repeated a little too much and felt random. I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not. I also think the death animation could be a little shorter.

Thank you very much for your video and for your feedback! We have also thought about shortening the death animation. We'll take it into account.

Your demo came out right as i was going to record lol I was like YES!! it's out lol! and youre welcome. I can't wait to see more folklore and yokai's in full game!

Right place at the right time then! Glad you enjoyed it.

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